Saturday, September 12, 2020

 Here's a Synopsis of the NEW Zephrum Gates book (the THIRD in the series).  Wow!

Published Sept 9th, 2020... the week that Mars went Stationary Retrograde in Aries... & in California, the week that "day turned into night."  Zephrum was NOT responsible for the mayhem.  :-)  

Zephrum Gates & The Belly of The Beast


What do a goblin fortune teller,

a sulking sea monster,

bushy faced pirates,

and sneezing baby dragons

---- all have in common?

Zephrum Gates, of course!


The evil Strasidous Rowpe is at it again.  He has merged with a strange and gooey goblin with dark powers… to become the most wicked villain, “Virgidous.”  This time, he is sure that he has figured out a way to gain Ultimate Power Over All Things – and get rid of Zephrum Gates once and for all. 


In his quest for power, he puts an evil spell on humanity.  It’s up to Zephrum and her uniquely talented friends to outsmart him at every turn.


This capricious adventure has no shortage of nail biting, knee bending, high flying experiences.  Its lighthearted tone and whimsical characters will captivate & delight readers of many ages.  Join Zephrum as she manages magic, monsters, madmen, and a budding romance… in her efforts to stop “Strasidous Rowpe” and save the world. 


Zephrum Gates & The Belly of The Beast will keep your eyes dancing from page to page as Zephrum flies from one unbelievable predicament to the next.