Sunday, December 21, 2008

Astro-Lady Speaks on 2009

2009 is a mixed bag. There are some very strong challenges going on…as well as many positive & uplifting possibilities. Firstly, I will begin by addressing all the “economy talk” that has been such a large part of the political agenda (for the USA & worldwide). Interestingly enough, the aspects that are going on now…& up through 2010 are strikingly similar to the ones that happened during “The Great Depression of the 1930’s.” It is probably no surprise that this correlates. It is the other end of a Pluto cycle…with Pluto opposite to where it was in the 1930’s.

In the 1930’s… Pluto made a conjunction to Jupiter, a square to Uranus, & an opposition to Saturn. Pluto will be making similarly challenging aspects to the same planets (but in a different combination) by 2010. We have not seen the high point of this aspect as yet, but it is approaching. The high point of the aspect happens in July, August, & September of 2010…so hold on to your hats…& do your best to prepare for the ride. Being that we are more prepared than society was in the 1930’s, we may be able to whether this period better. Time will tell. For 2009, it is a time to build on possibilities & vision new things (rather than be completely freaked out by the media focus on all that has gone wrong). There are always those who benefit…no matter what is going on. Why not let that be you?

By December 27th, 2008…we will have a New Moon in Capricorn…& into Aquarius…bringing in an electrified period before the New Year. New Moons represent the end of a cycle & a doorway to the next level. Mars & Pluto are conjunct (together) in Capricorn here as well…emphasizing the importance of re-visioning and transforming our relationship to the physical world. Personal Will (Mars) & Collective Will (Pluto) together…suggest that we could be more in tune with integrating our ambitions & goals toward objectives that serve the needs of all. Pluto’s conjunction with Mars at this time also represents a collective initiation into the sacred masculine. We will be moved to let go of what no longer serves our evolution. Collectively, we have reached a critical mass where we are all likely to see that domination & destruction must be replaced with protection & preservation & more honorable aspects of the sacred masculine.
Venus conjuncts Neptune in Aquarius at this New Moon as well, highlighting the sacred feminine principle, offering a collective initiation into the heart & facilitating a greater awareness of our interconnectedness and inter-dependence with all things.

With Mercury & Jupiter also conjunct in Capricorn at this time, we may feel an expanded brilliance in our minds…aimed towards practical answers & innovation.

Take time to reflect on what you are ready to release & what you wish to bring into your life…& move forward.

As 2009 begins, Pluto (the Dwarf Planet of Transformation) establishes itself in Capricorn…where it will travel until 2023/2024. Pluto in Capricorn is destined to bring a transformation of government & business from which we should all ultimately benefit. Hierarchical & monolithic structures are likely to be completely transformed (or leveled) by the revolutionary market forces of our global economy. The old monoliths will need to adapt to the Internet Generation & open up to globalized input. Pluto’s transit of Capricorn is likely to signal the end for unfair or ancient social hierarchies. We may be seeing the last of the institutional capitalism that we’ve known for so long. With fear of instability, governments tend to exercise more control…over systems, business, & citizens. We are likely to see the established structures begin to fall away. In their place, we may see a big move towards creating new structures…an emergence of solid ideas that are more appropriate for our time. While this may be welcome & needed in many ways, the formulation of individual rights in response to all of this will also be important.

When Saturn enters Libra at the end of October in 2009, we are likely to have more energy for establishing these checks & balances.

At the beginning of 2009, Saturn is still in Virgo. This pinpoints very simply where weaknesses lie & what specific work needs to be done to fix things. Traveling through Virgo, this transit has spotlighted flaws (food shortages, problematic harvests, grain & soybean prices, & that which comes from the Earth…like oil). The weaknesses of our last US President have been apparent. George W. Bush has been under microscopic scrutiny as a man clumsy & uncomfortable with the role of leadership. For ourselves as individuals, we may have had to look at aspects of ourselves that could also use some fixing.

Being that Saturn will enter Libra in late October of 2009, it is likely that there will be new, quality leadership in the US...leadership that will involve serious diplomatic efforts geared towards fairness & balance (all things that Libra rules). Fos us as individuals, the Fall of 2009 is a time when we may feel a renewed balance as we finish our own personal overhaul of ourselves.

I imagine it will be a very dynamic time…as Pluto makes its first official square to Saturn by November of 2009 as well. There could be monumental battles for control…in government…requiring the intense diplomatic efforts of Saturn in Libra to consider all sides. Each person will have their own challenges at this time, but with a great opportunity for growth.

The Uranus/Saturn opposition that has been going on is also interesting because these 2 planetary energies represent opposite archetypes. Saturn represents form, structure, & discipline…while Uranus represents change, liberation, rebellion, & revolution. Having these 2 energies at odds with one another was something we could see playing out in the US election quite clearly in 2008. Simply & generally put, we had John McCain (Saturn…an older candidate focusing on what dominated in the past)…& Barack Obama (Uranus…focusing on change & the future). The first highpoint to this opposition occurred on November 4th, 2008 (election day in the US). The next will be in February and September of 2009. With these aspects in play, we may actually see unstoppable initiatives to change the health care system…& to significantly alter our energy policy…& more. We are learning how to play by the rules in order to change them.

The thing is…with an opposition of this nature…the new is formed best by creating a bridge from the past… to the future. This aspect shows the necessity to radically change structures that have outlived their time (honor the past as we change it). For the individual, surf the waves…rather than swim against the current. Under this aspect, when we are able to take the best of the old & also invite radically new elements into our lives, we thrive.

The last opposition of Saturn & Uranus occurred in the mid-1960’s (1964-1967)…a memorable era of strong activism and even stronger attempts by the authorities to suppress it. Those of us born with this aspect can relate to what it is to feel like a rebel, but also know how to use the old system to help propel our ideas forward. For those of us in this age group, we are in a kind of mid-life upheaval, re-evaluating whether the forms we have built in our lives really allow us to express our individuality and our special gifts & interests. Many of us may have already decided (or will decide) to make dramatic shifts in our careers, our location, or in partnerships. It is a bit of a 180 for many of us, but it takes time to make these shifts. Integration is key.

In 2009…we are likely to have more institutional help for making political change due to Pluto’s transit through Capricorn. Even so, the past lingers & this is something we will all have to work with. There might be aspects of tradition & structure that can help us move forward, but it is a steep mountain goat’s climb. Wherever Capricorn is located in your own chart is an area of your own life that is ripe for transformation. Methodically, take the steps you need to take.

One of the things I am personally most excited about is Jupiter entering Aquarius on Jan 6th, 2009. The Planet of Luck & Expansion (Jupiter) traveling through the visionary sign of Aquarius helps us to expand our vision for a better world. For those of us with prominent Aquarius energies in our charts, we have the potential to expand upon who we are…with lucky support.

By May of 2009, Jupiter & Neptune make a conjunction to one another in Aquarius. This will happen again in July of 2009, as well as in December of 2009. There may be a period of euphoria in the midst of all of our challenges, giving people the sense that anything is possible. This aspect could get us dreaming & feeling inspired. A technology boom could also take place. It may be that people will be open to doing anything that is asked of them (for the sake of the whole).

Know that we are approaching an 11 year Sun-spot cycle high (where the sun is putting out more sun flares & having a bigger effect on electro-magnetic energy on Earth). The highest point of this cycle will be in 2012. So, wear your sun screen while you are out about achieving things & having your serious fun.
These are the bigger movements of 2009…a time to build on things…believe in possibilities…& plant the seeds of a new revolutionary period. It is a time of great transition, real challenges, & a transformation of politics. As a society, we may be much more in touch with our biggest goals & greater collective ambitions. Whether they be saving the planet’s eco-sphere or having more fun while we fix things, we can do it.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


While there is not a significant planetary alignment with other planets in 2012…there IS a significant Alignment with the Sun’s Winter Solstice …& the Galactic Center of our galaxya kind of Galactic Winter Solstice.

We are approaching the end of The Kali Yuga. In the Vedic Doctrine of World Ages, The Kali Yuga is the Final Age…the Age of Greatest Spiritual Darkness. Its end signals a shift to a New World Age. It is a real Astronomical Event. It is an alignment of OUR planet in relation to the Sun, the ecliptic it travels on, & us. This is my understanding.

According to the Mayan Calendar, the end of "The Great Cycle" is happening from 1987 (The Harmonic Convergence)…to 1999/2000 (the actual  Solstice/Galaxy Alignment)…'til 2012 (Culmination of Galactic Alignment). It is the end of an era…an end of an age…or in Mayan Cosmology, the end of the 13th Baktun Cycle.

This alignment is considered to be the moment of Greatest Spiritual Opportunity for human beings on Earth…a time to be connected with Supreme Source. Eras of Galactic Alignment are believed to somehow contribute to the Unfolding of Consciousness on Earth. This alignment is said to offer a time of Spiritual Renewal for Humanity.

A major feature of The Milky Way is a Bright Band & a Dark Rift in The Galactic Center. It is caused by the thick accumulation of interstellar dust in the dense region near the center. It’s poetically labeled in many ways (“The Great Mother’s Birth Canal,” “The Cosmic Ball Court,” “The Goal Ring,” “The Cosmic Temple,” “The King’s Throne,” “The Nuclear Bulge,” “The Dark Rift Road to The Underworld,” and “The Mouth of the Cosmic Serpent of Death & Regeneration”). Death precedes Re-birth…& early Mayans saw this alignment as a Re-Birth.

This event that is determined by procession & culminates in the year 2012…is a full procession cycle of 25,627 years…It happens approximately once every 26,000 years.

This is what we are approaching by the end of 2012…in addition to a “Sun Spot Cycle High.” Sun spot cycle highs happen every 22 years. The last one happened in 1989. This is when the sun puts out a large amount of sun flares. The sun flares increase electro-magnetic activity on earth …allowing for greater radio reception (&…in theory… possibly a greater degree of psychic communication).

There is an idea that these periodic alignments to the Galactic Plane & to the Galactic Center can stimulate consciousness on this planet in an intriguing & profound way.

They say that we have a resonant relationship between our DNA molecules & the Galactic Center, that there is great potential for spiritual & social transformation during our impending alignment…& that our changing relationship to the larger galaxy changes us.

Where to Be:

In terms of where to be in 2012, it is a question. I think we could be anywhere. “The timing of the world’s end is a function of one’s latitude of observation” (says John Major Jenkins, authority on the “Mayan CosmoGenesis 2012”).

Any Temple, Pyramid, Vortex Area, or Sacred place on Earth would be great.

Intihuatana…or “The Temple of the Sun” (Machu Picchu…The Urumbamba Valley, Peru) is an ancient Solar Clock…& a stunning place on Earth that would be really cool to see. It is one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.

Stonehenge in England is an interesting choice if you have never been to it.

The Ganga Mela is a Winter Solstice Festival on Sagar Island in The Bay of Bengal, India…150km south of Kolkatta.

The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is also a Solar Clock. It is on the West Bank of the Nile River…20km south of Central Cairo. It was once the tallest human-made structure on Earth…. One of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World.

Pyramid Mounds in Xi’an, China are ancient grown over pyramid shaped hills… as big & old as the ones in Egypt.

Being that many of these places are in high places, it gives new meaning to “Run for the Hills.” Ha!

Local Wonders:

There are all kinds of local wonders with unique geological features too…places (vortex points) that connect to geometric points around the globe. The Grand Tetons in Wyoming have 19 mountains & bodies of water forming a perfect circle around the area…Sedona has 4 major Vortex Mounds, Mount Shasta is another vortex, Lake Tahoe, Crater Lake in Oregon, Mount Ashland, the area around Port Townsend & Puget Sound, Mount Rainier in Washington…& even the area surrounding The Golden Gate Bridge. We don’t necessarily have to travel internationally to feel something cool. There’s likely to be special places local to whatever area you live in…so consider hunkering down nearby your home as a really great option.

During the Spring or Fall of 2012:

The Pyramid of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza shows a famous shadow of a serpent down its steps every Spring & Fall Equinox. (This Pyramid is also constructed to align with the Galactic Center & the Zenith of the Pleiades.) It is in the Northern Center of the Yucatan Peninsula. It is a Processional Star Clock in stone. The Pleiades (a cluster of hot blue stars also known as “The Seven Sisters”) are roughly opposed to the Galactic Center (an approximate indicator of the “Galactic Anti-Center”). Between March 21st and May 20th, 2012 (60 days), the alignment of the Sun & Pleiades will be directly over head at Chichen Itza.

The Mayans calibrated death & re-birth according to events in the opposite direction. May 17th is when the Pleiades emerge in the pre-dawn skies after being lost in the rays of the Sun for almost 2 months. This period is generally referred to as “The Sun-Pleiades Conjunction.”

It will be at the latitude of Teotihuacan on May 17th. Only once every year, the Pleiades arrives at the zenith precisely at mid-night. This could be an interesting place to be for the New/Old Fire Ceremony …worshipping the deities of death & re-birth …on May 17th, 2012….a pre-curser to the December rituals. Teotihuacan is 25 miles North East of Mexico City.

The origin place of the Mayan Long Count Calendar (& the Mayan Creation Myth) is Izapa (in Chiapas, near the base of the Tacana Volcano)…so that might also be a fun place to check out. In Long Count notation, Dec 21, 2012 is written as (the end of the 13 Baktun Cycle)…an end of a World Age.

Metaphysically, they talk about the earth as being part of a greater Galactic Chakra System…with evolutionary energy (or Shakti) being funneled through the Earth as a result of the alignments identified in ancient Mayan Cosmology.

A long answer to the 2012 question, but short…considering all the information there is to wade through. There are a lot more details you could learn if you were interested, but this is the basic idea. An interesting time to be alive.